Music: Classical Creations

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THROUGH FROLICKING FIELDS - (Classical) - I wanted to play around with creating a fun composition using a variety of woodwinds (with a couple bits a brass thrown in there as well).

INSTRUMENTS USED: Flute, English Horn, Oboe, Bassoon, Euphonium

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SYMPHANDME I - (Classical) - This is my first journey into the realm of actually writing out classical notation. I put together a short piece using Violin, Cello, Bass, Flute and Oboe sections.

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THEN WE FALL - (Classical) - I wanted to put together an orchestral composition that centered on the concept of trudging struggle. The focus should be on a character(s) that must stand up and face the forces that are trying to hold him/her/them down. I also wrote a short story that was inspired by the final product (see below).

INSTRUMENTS USED: Violin, Cello, Bass, Piano, Trumpet, Horn, Cymbals, Bass Drum

STORY: A woman sits silently in the corner. She catches a glimpse of sunlight through the window and sullenly remembers the ghosts of a better time. There is a rattling at the door and it flies open as a burly man barrels into the room.

She feigns a smile and attempts to make small talk. This day will be like all the rest. Perhaps her words will cut through her husband's fowl tempers. His dark moods bind and protect him from the rest of the world and attack with a violent tongue.

Like yesterday and the day before, he raises his voice at her and she tries to plead for him to stop. Yet again, he raises his arm to her, smacking her to the ground. He grabs a plate of food that had been carefully laid out on the table and storms from the room. As she lays trembling on the kitchen floor, she knows that she can take no more. That evening as he sleeps, she slips out into the night. She whispers a promise to herself that from this day on no one will ever cause her pain again.


A small group of children play in the street. As they laugh, a toy rolls away from them. It is a small red wooden horse with wheels at the base of it. A young girl breaks free from her playmates and goes to pick it up. Before she can grab the mobile mare, a soldier steps on it, smashing it into the cobblestones of the street.

The woman is walking on a sidewalk close by. Her head is down as usual. She had seen the cruelty occur but remains quiet. She fears them like they all do. They are the ones that rule with an iron fist. The ones that control with guns, knives and fear. And as she goes to turn away from the scene, the soldier laughs and smacks the child to the ground. Blood pools onto the hard road, soft crying sounds are heard, then silence.

Something in the woman stops her from fleeing like she normally does. While all others around her avert their eyes from the soldiers' gaze she suddenly finds a hidden courage well up from within her. It first starts with a memory, a spark, then flames into a fierce fire.

She screams at the soldier which causes everyone in the area to immediately pause. More uniformed men start uniformly plodding down the street towards her. The more soldiers that appear, the more she screams. "No more," she yells, "NO MORE!"

The soldier smacks her to the ground, but she stands right back up. He raises his arm again and she goes flying, but she stands once more. "Stay down," he grunts. But she refuses. Three more times she finds herself sprawled on the road. Three more times she stands defiantly up, bloodied and bruised.

"NO MORE!", she screams again.

"Your right, no more", he responds back as he pulls out a pistol and shoots.

She falls to the ground one last time, never to get up again. The soldier, now surrounded by others of his kind, merely smiles a cocky smile and holsters his weapon. Calmly, some townspeople walk towards her body.

"Leave her", the soldier sneers, "Let this be a LESSON to..."

"No more", says the child who is holding her bruised and bleeding face.

"No more", says the butcher who has watched this all unfold in front on his shop.

"No more", says a schoolteacher who was running late to teach her English class.

"NO MORE", says a young man whose father and best friend died fighting this damn war.

And after the gunshots tore through the streets, the newly defiant lay on the ground with the woman -- and they were no more.

In a second story window of an apartment building on the corner, a light turns on. An old man who had long since given up the will to live finds the strength in his brittle bones to stand. He raises himself from the chair that he sat on while looking out the window. After all these tiresome years of searching and questioning, he finally understands. He walks from apartment to apartment and house to house, telling of what he saw. And when he can walk no more, others gather and carry him so he can seek out and tell others the two words that will lay to waste the walls made of fear.



AUDIO: Classical

Creator: Robert L. Kline Jr.   

This page contains my playful meanderings into classical compositions and notation. These tracks were composed and created entirely on the iPad 3 using the Notion music notation app (with some audio post processing on my laptop).

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