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The Fantastic History of a Hat powered by Steam

Fact or Fiction?

Not many people know this, but the actual Steam Hat is real. One of the founders of Steam Hat came across the strange headgear in an old trunk that was tucked away in the corner of his attic. It must have been left there by the previous owner of the house. After wiping away the layers of dust on the trunk's lid, we decided it must have been there a very, very long time.

Inside the trunk was a strange contraption. We first thought it was some type of antique motor or a mechanical tool that must have built over a hundred years ago. After taking it out, we realized that it was actually an old hat. But this hat was unlike any hat that we had ever seen. There were pipes and tubes coming out it. An odd collection of gauges, whistles, and what looked to be some type of headlight that adorned it's front.

We took turns putting it on. It was indeed a hat. Though heavy, it still fit quite comfortably upon the head. It almost looked like some type of machine created straight out of the mind of H. G. Wells, but it was all too real. After much exploration of the hat, we could not figure out how to turn it on. It looked like it yearned to jump to life, but what was it's secret? Did it even work at all or was it just some contraption created merely for amusement.

Underneath some old newspaper on the bottom of the trunk, we found a single clue to some of it's history. There was an old photograph of what looked to be a gentleman in a striped shirt rocking quite an impressive handlebar mustache. Upon his head was the device in question, the Steam Hat that we had just found. On the back of the photo was scrawled rather sloppily "Pierre - S.O.E.S.H." and some type of insignia that was barely discernable.

Our search continues. As we begin to find out more information about the origins of this mysterious mechanism, we will post it here for all to see.

Pierre - S.O.E.S.H.

Pierre - S.O.E.S.H.