Active Fiction Adventure: Welcome To Weird World

Concept, Game Design & Written by: Robert L. Kline Jr.  

Paintings & Illustrations by: Dru Woodard   and Robert L. Kline Jr.  

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Welcome To Weird World!

This is Steam Hat's newest (and weirdest) Art Game Exhibit, Active Fiction Adventure: Welcome To Weird World. It is a fully functional interactive-fiction game taken to the extreme and YOU make the choices. Filled with over 157 text cards, mini-games, illustrations, and MUCH more! Make sure to bring your jogging shoes when you come play this, because you'll be running around in circles searching through the 6 sections of this exhibit.

This particular Art Game Exhibit was based off of the short story written by Robert L. Kline Jr. titled “Welcome To Weird World”. THAT story was based off of a collection of rather bizarre creatures created through a collaboration of both Robert L. Kline Jr. and Dru Woodard. Portions of each of the original character sketches were separately drawn by each illustrator in secret, which gave birth to a bizarre and wonderful collection of creative creepies.

This exhibit has been featured at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Many thanks to Ingenuity Cleveland for their continued support.

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To download a free PDF version of the game, go to the Download Game page.

Excerpt from the Weird World

“ Something was in the dark with him. And that something did not want him to wake up. Not now. Not ever. Good thing for Bill that you can’t die in dreams. Or can you? ”
- Welcome To Weird World

Actual Quotes from Players

Pictures of the players  

“ Now... what in the $%@* is THIS? No really. What is this? It's a game? And those drawings? What the? You guys are CRAZY! Cool. Yeah, cool. Crazy as #*%@. But cool. ”
One player made us walk around the exhibit, playing the game with him. He got a huge kick out of all the characters and kept wanting us to explain where we got our ideas for them.

“ Ahhhh man, I got killed again. Urrgghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! ”
One young man would come up to us and tell us how he died, then went right back into the game again until he finally finished it. We gave him a congratulatory Steam Hat High-Five!

“ Alright, we're back. Now how the heck do we play this thing? ”
A rather tired looking man came over to the exhibit with his family. After looking at the game confused, he dragged them away because he wanted to see the rest of the festival. A couple of hours later, his kids dragged him back because they were all excited to play. They ran around the exhibit together, laughing until they died 3 times and finally had to leave.

The game consists of:

The physical exhibit consists of: