IngenuityFest 2016: The Players #2

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Event Information

In 2016, the IngenuityFest went back to it's roots as it took over an enormous abandoned industrial complex for it's 3-day festival of art, technology, and entertainment. The place was packed with over 52 installations, 60 bands, and 6 dance troupes that were set-up all throughout a portion of the art organization's new 350,000 square foot space of warehouses, work areas, and loading docks.

We were asked to show 4 of our previous Art Game Exhibits along with a brand new exhibit called Radio Daze: A Retro-Stream Junk Movie Playing Machine! and a new illustration series called Cast Of Pawns. The turn-out was truly mind-blowing and we had a great time talking with everyone and showing our work.

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