Music: Ambient & Soundscapes

DARK DWELLER IN THE CELLAR - (Ambient Groove) - Experimentations with samples, sound packs, and soundscapes.

FLOAT WITH ME - (Ambient Groove) - Experimentations with samples, sound packs, and soundscapes.

SO FAR FROM HOME - (Dark Ambient Space) - What would happen if you get stranded thousands of miles away from home? Created using multiple synths, apps, effects, and audio from the Apollo missions.

NO MORE SINGING IN THE RAIN - (Dark Soundscape) - This is an experimental track. I had found a recording I took when the sirens around our neighborhood were going off during a tornado warning. I decided to put together a quick interpretation of Gene Kelly's Singing In The Rain, but if he blew away in a massive storm while he was dancing his little heart out. Created using a Yamaha DGX-200 Portable Grand Keyboard, a variety of digital instruments and apps, recorded samples, and found footage.

WAR AND VIOLINS - (Historical Soundscape) - I wanted to see if I could create a soundtrack using violins, cello, and other virtual instruments I have. My goal was to create something that starts off soft and slow and swell it into the sounds of warfare hidden in the background that would make itself clear in the end. Contains audio samples from Saving Private Ryan.

STORY: A single man stands silent, thinking of his loved ones, of dreams he has, of the goals he has not yet achieved. He takes this time to reflect, to feel, to hopefully make peace within himself -- for soon his life and all the others he is with will forever be changed as the beaches near.

TRUTH OF ELEMENTS - (Ambient Ethereal) - I recently found an old lap harp at a thrift store. After fixing it up, I decided to create a cool audioscape with it. I first wrote out and recorded a few small songs on the harp. Then I went through and sampled a variety of plucks, bangs, and strums from it. From there, I created a few ambient samples in multiple synths and added it to the mix. The final step was sampling portions of the operatic Diva Song from the Fifth Element (as sung by Evgenia Laguna).

STORY: A solitary scientist finds himself on the cusp of the biggest discovery of his life. For years he has studied and scrutinized over a metallic object that was found buried deep within a plateau of an ancient desert. Decrypting the unknown writings that were etched deeply into it became his obsession. Then one day, he breaks the code. With a blinding light, he is suddenly sucked into the object. At first there is only blackness as his body floats, no longer tethered by gravity. He finds he can move by just focusing his mind. As he flies slowly forward, he becomes fully aware of his surroundings. He finds himself encompassed by all the information about the world that the alien relic has been compiling since it's time on Earth. The scientist passes through pulsing brilliances of light, sound, thought, and space. His mind whirling from the overload of everything. A voice calls out to him, guiding him towards it... He reaches out his hand and something gently grabs on, pulling him further in.

WHISPER OF THE GODS - (Ambient Ethereal) - This was a quick concept track that I put together for a possible game project. I wanted to create a nice soundtrack that was a bit ethereal and held some interest, but could fall into the background nicely.

EMPTY SANDS - (Ambient Ethereal) - For this track, I wanted to do a quick study on creating something that sounded haunting, like a wanderer as he stumbles through the sands of a large empty desert. His search for both water and a long lost love are the only things that drives him ever onward. I first wrote out and recorded a small song on an old Lap Harp that I have, then mixed in a variety of virtual violins and flutes to pull the piece together.

WAVES INTO FOREVER - (Ambient Ethereal) - I came up with this track while I was sitting and watching television with my wife. I first sampled audio from the television shows that we were watching and added in a variety of synths and sound effects to create something that ended up being rather odd and twitchy with a bit of a dark sci-fi flair to it. After listening to this after it was completed, I could almost envision someone in a Blade Runner type of dystopian-tech future watching the large images of a constantly running video feed -- all while tucked away in a dark apartment in a city filled with many millions of others who are all doing the same.

SOMEWHEN - (Ambient Dream) - This was a quick study in trying to fuse a variety of synths and recordings of my voice together to see if I could created something that soundded ambient and dream-like.

HOLLOW KEYS - (Dark Soundscape) - I wanted to create a nightmarish background music track that would be appropriate for a psychological horror video game much like the Silent Hill series. The music is heavily layered, creating a sense of tension and disconcertion through almost too many overlaying sounds trying to exist in this dream world. I played a thoughtful tune on my piano throughout, symbolizing the small hope that still exists to fight on through darkness. Created using NanoStudio Eden Synths, Yamaha DGX-200 Portable Grand Keyboard, and samples created to add further depth to the piece: breath, guttural vocals (with effects), beer bottle blows, wooden whistle, miscellaneous creaking items.

FALLEN - (Dark Soundscape) - This is a rather weird-dark-trippy track that I put together with a variety of synths, sampled sounds, and my vocals that kept cycling through the lyrics "Fallen... Fallen you say." My ultimate goal was to see if I could put something together that came across as a dark creepy soundscape.

BLOW AWAY - (Ambient Surreal) - I wanted to see if I could put together a dream-like surreal song utilizing home-made samples, some synths, and guitar. Created using NanoStudio Eden Synths, guitar, my vocals, and a variety of recorded samples.


AUDIO: Music & Background Tracks

Creator: Robert L. Kline Jr.   

When I was young, I stumbled upon a record at the library called "Tomita - The Planets". Uncertain what it was, I checked it out and brought it home. I'll always remember that day -- I cranked up the record player, dropped the needle in place, and waited to hear what the album was all about. The sounds that came from the speakers completely BLEW ME AWAY! At that time I was used to the typical radio rock and complacent happy pop tunes that surrounded me every day. This record however.... this was DIFFERENT! It was an oddly beautiful soundscape of spacey synths and ambient etheral music that took me completely by surprise. Created by Isao Tomita, one of the pioneers of electronic and space music, the recording was his version of "Holst: The Planets". Instead of having a full orchestra, he created twisting and turning audioscapes that sounded like they were coming from astronauts in a far away future. I was hooked and hoped that one day I could somehow, someway, make something as way out-cool as the sounds that circled into my subconscious.

Fast forward too many years to count -- now due to the wonders of technology, the synths and samplers that I was so enamored with back then are finally within my price range along with many, many, many other cool audio apps and programs. So here are some tracks that I created that show my love affair with the Ambient and Soundscapes that opened my eyes to something different so long, long ago.

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