Active Fiction Adventure 2: Cyber Angel

Concept, Game Design & Written by: Robert L. Kline Jr.  

Paintings & Illustrations by: Dru Woodard  

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Steam Hat's Active Fiction Adventure 2: Cyber Angel art game exhibit was originally created for IngenuityFest 2013, Cleveland's huge Festival of Art & Technology. It is an extension of the Active Fiction Adventure 1: Underground game, but can can be played by itself.

We were absolutely slammed with players during the entire 3 days of the festival and enjoyed talking with them to get their thoughts and input on the game. People of all ages, from young to old, circled the the games for hours playing. Some of the best moments of the festival occurred when large crowds of families and groups of friends worked alongisde complete strangers, trying to get through the game together.

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Actual Quotes from Players

Pictures of the crowd   

“ Wow... that is... absolutely wonderful! ”
An English teacher was standing with us, watching the crowd (especially the younger teens and kids) run around, having fun playing the game together. She thought it was an great way to get people excited about reading and wanted us to consider doing some for schools and educational purposes.

“ Loved, loved, loved the art installation at IngenuityFest this year! My boyfriend and I were drawn to it Friday night, circling around and around trying to figure out what it was. 'It's like a game!' we both exclained to each other. We came back Saturday specifically to investigate more and spent about an hour going on the adventure. What a wonderful concept. ”
Fan mail from an ecstatic player after IngenuityFest 2013.

“ Ahhhhh, you guys are killing me here! I keep dying but I CAN'T stop playing. I HAVE to win it. I can't leave until I beat it. What have you done to me? ”
One young man manically ran around the game, clutching a large flashlight, desperately searching for the next cards. Finally he won, came up to us, and gave us a big high five.

“ Yes! Yes! Did you make this? What a GREAT way to get people up and moving and learning all at the same time! The mind and body both working together. Yes! ”
A Physical Education teacher came over to us and passionately told us about the history of her own career and how she has been teaching the importance of excercise and it's effects on both the mind and the way we learn.

“ Now THIS is what I'm talking about! This is why we drove all the way up here to the festival. Too cool! ”
One mother of two young men told us this why they were circling around the game playing it. They had a blast working together to get through it.

“ Hey, did you guys make this? The game... was... AWESOME!!! I wish I had something like this at my Wedding Reception. People would have loved it. ”
One woman enthusiasticly told us this after playing the game.

“ Awesome! I thought it was a really fun game as well. I love those types of games. ”
Winner of the Crack The Code competition we ran during IngenuityFest 2013.

The game consists of:

The physical exhibit consists of: