When Angels Fall

Love, Passion and Loss


VIDEO: A 3D animated Victorian drama.

Creator: Robert L. Kline Jr.   

Co-Creator: Michael Pillitiere

A 10 minute 3D animated drama created in 2001.

Based in the Victorian Era, this is a story about love gone astray. A story that tells us sometimes there is no happy ending. Sometimes we do not get what we deserve.

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Script: When Angels Fall

Act One

I never knew what love was before I saw her face.

She was my angel whom I adored. I remember the way she would looked deep into my eyes. Her love gave my life meaning. It had never occurred to me that she was merely human.

Act Two

At night we would walk the deserted streets, sometimes tracing a path to the old cathedral. Like children, we were innocent and free.

I recall her beauty flashing by the blessed candlelight...

... as the images of the saints gazed down from the walls.

It is here that I gave her my heart in full...

...and asked her if she would be mine.


Act Three

When I was on the threshhold of manhood, my parents died of consumption. Although my father was well to do, he had more debts than his estate could recompense.

In order to survive, I had to discontinue schooling to find work. Due to my fine, yet incomplete education, I was able to acquie a clerking position. I made a modest income, but felt an emptiness.

I thought I could fill it by completing my studies. I became an avid reader of literature and science. My first passion was the music.

I was a romantic who would write and play about the joys of love...

...yet I never knew these feelings for myself.

Until I met her.

Late one night, I was alone with my thoughts. I felt compelled to express my adoration for her.

Act Four

With a rose in one hand and a poem of love in the other, I decided to surprise her at home.

I looked up at her window, hoping she would appear.

I was about to call out, but stopped as a dark silhouette filled the window.

The silhouette of another man.

All strength drained from my body as I realized she had never earned the wings I had given her.

Act Five

I believe then....

....I went MAD.

Act Six

I reached her door and pounded with the rage of a wounded animal.

I heard a window being opened and knew that there was another way out.

I saw his half clad figure slip from her room to the alley below.

A calm came over me as I raised the guns barrel.


Act Seven

I don't know where she got the gun.

I don't know how she could have pulled the trigger.

Who knows what secrets lie hidden in the weakness of the human heart?

I certainly do not.

What angers me the most is that she's still...

... beautiful.