Paragon Reborn

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ART: Pinball brought back to life.

Creator: Robert L. Kline Jr.   

This is a found art piece that I have created out of an old pinball board that I found tossed away into a corner in a thrift store. The look of the deteriorating graphics on the board was amazing and I knew that I had to save it from the trash and bring it back to life.

In it's youth, it was called Paragon, a fantasy pinball game created by Bally back in 1979. It is fascinating reading through the manual that I found online, seeing all of the pieces and parts that made up it's body that has now long been missing, leaving only it's face.

I wanted to make a piece that would give it the respect that it deserves. I could only think of all of the hours of fun and enjoyment that people had with the game just for it to be thrown away when it starts to fall apart. The spirit of the game is still there, though aging like all of us do. It's story had been silenced, but it just needs some work for it to be told again.

I have gone through and completely rewired it with back lights to simulate it's missing electronic brain. The lights can be set-up to run in different modes such as blinking, chasing, or steady depending on the desire of the mood. I have also added in electronic replacement for various bumpers that can blink to life as well.

By hanging it on the wall and plugging it in, the board causes you to look at it in a new way. It is quite beautiful to see it in it's new life.

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