Cleveland Mini Maker Faire 2013

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Event Information

Our Active Fiction Adventure 1: Underground was featured at the Cleveland Mini Maker Faire 2013 that was held at the Cleveland Public Library (Main Branch - Downtown). We also ran a contest to "Crack The Code" as well.

We had a wonderful time talking with all of the players of the game and visiting with the other exhibitors at the event.


The best moment of the event occurred when we watched a young boy and his father play the game together. The father would read the cards out loud to his son, who then started running all around the exhibit, trying to track down the next card. After about an hour or so, they finally won the game. They both came up to us and the boy's father told us his son wanted to tell us something. The young boy was shy, but said, “It was really really really fun. I want to be a writer now.” The boy's father said he wanted to go home and start writing out his own game. We high-fived and the father thanked us for the fun they both had playing it together.


“ Steam Hat's incredible Active Fiction Game is cool because it’s so many layers of retro it makes your head spin. Think about Steampunk meets Zork meets D&D meets SNL writers room ala 1985. ”
- Review from Cleveland Mini Maker Faire

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