NASA Centaur 50th Anniversary

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3 Poster Set (24" x 36") and Word Search Game

Concept, Design, Paintings & Illustrations by:
Dru Woodard   and Robert L. Kline Jr.  

We are EXTREMELY honored to have had the opportunity to team up with NASA to help celebrate one of the most important projects in America’s exploration of space: The Centaur upper stage rocket developed at the Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio.

Dubbed “America’s Workhorse in Space”, Centaur has been central to launching a tremendous variety of the nation’s most demanding space missions over a period of decades.

Through a collaboration with Craig Williams (Senior Lead Aerospace Engineer at NASA Glenn Research Center) and Ingenuity Cleveland, we at Steam Hat developed a 3 Poster Set that recognized the history and importance behind the Centaur's 50th Anniversary.

The goal we set for ourselves was to make the project fun yet educates at the same time. The posters were designed to all work together as a large 3 poster side-by-side mural set, or they can work separately as well. We also decided to create a Word Search from key words in the poster. After the players complete the Word Search, they can then try to track down all of the words in the poster set.

We truly hope that this project helps spread the word about the Centaur and the effect that it has had on all of our lives.

This project has been featured at the following events:

  1. IngenuityFest 2014
  2. Akron Mini Maker Faire 2014
  3. Garrettsville Mini Maker Faire 2015
  4. Cleveland Mini Maker Faire 2015

We have made all of files free* for you to download and print (see links below). The only thing we ask is that you do not remove our names from the projects. Both NASA and ourselves would LOVE to hear back from you on how and where you will be using this project. Email as at to let us know.

Check back soon. We are working on putting together an Educational Packet that can be used by teachers and will soon establish an online store where you can easily order high-quality full-size posters.

*For Educational and Personal Use Only

Download Poster 1 (JPG - 1729 x 2592)→

Download Poster 2 (JPG - 1729 x 2592)→

Download Poster 3 (JPG - 1729 x 2592)→

Download Word Search (PDF)→

Download Word Search Solution (PDF)→

Download Poster Text Only (PDF)→

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