Traffic Laws: The Game (1992)

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GAME: Interactive quiz on the Ohio Traffic Laws.

Creator: Robert L. Kline Jr.   

Being the complete computer game geek that I was in my youth (nothing much has changed by the way), I decided to create an entire interactive quiz game based on the laws of the Ohio Department Of Ohio Safety.

I was actually studying to get my driver's license at the time, so what better way to remember everything than to spend hours and hours putting together a computer game.

THE CONCEPT: Each question is a Route Number. The users are stopped at a stoplight. If they answer the question wrong, they will get a red light and will have to answer another question before moving on. If the users answers correctly, they will get the green light and will drive to to the new Route Number on the highway.

Yes, it's fun AND educational.

What I've done

Download Files →

Feel free to download the game from the link above. I have added in DOSBox, which is an emulator that works on both PC and Mac. I have also added in step-by-step instructions on how to use the emulator to load and run the game.

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