Ackarion: The Ultimate Maze (1992)

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GAME: An ASCII maze adventure.

Creator: Robert L. Kline Jr.   

This is an early computer game that I created on my old used Tandy when I first started teaching myself BASIC coding. After having completed creating Deathtrap Dungeon, one of my first text games which was based off of a previously written game book, I really wanted put together something completely my own.

I decided I wanted to make a maze adventure, so I wrote out the background story and all of the scenes I wanted to create, and then plotted out the maze levels that the user could adventure into.

Creating graphics at that time took FOREVER, since the program I had literally drew in one pixel at a time. I decided I wanted to delve into the world of ASCII art, which is created using only the letters, numbers and symbols on the typical computer keyboard. It was quite a challenge making all of the scenes that I wanted in the game due to the limitations of the symbols I had to work with, but it was a LOT OF FUN!!!

My personal favorite character has to be the Cyclops that blinks his big eye as his animates when you first meet him. There is something about ASCII art that really brings on the nostalgia for that time in gaming.

What I've done

Download Files →

Feel free to download the game from the link above. I have added in DOSBox, which is an emulator that works on both PC and Mac. I have also added in step-by-step instructions on how to use the emulator to load and run the game.

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