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ARE WE ALONE? - (Space Experimental) - I wanted to put together a rather creepy space themed audio track based on the concept that humankind -- in their quest for answers about the universe -- unfortunately brings about their own demise. Created with a variety of synths, audio apps, virtual instruments and audio clips from Stephen Hawking's TED talk: "Questioning the Universe".

STORY: A single man looks up at the night sky. He stares longingly at the stars so many milliions of miles away and asks himself a single question, "Are we alone in the universe?" His single voice over time is slowly echoed by a few people, then thousands, then millions. Humanity finds itself looking up into the sky in search of answers.As the radio signals of their voices shoot off into the darkness of space and their space shuttles adventure into places never known by mankind, something out there hears their pleas. It is an answer that should have never been found, but it is too late. Is ignorance bliss? Is the scientific quest for answers worth the repercussions of what they may find?

RETRONOMY - (Experimental) - I wanted to create a fun retro song with a bit of an 80's chiptune feel to it. Add in some Vocoder of me saying "Retronomy" and there you go.

DEFINITION: Retronomy (noun) - A made up term that describes the study of the style and properties of the past with special focus on nostalgia for the computer and video games of the 80's and early 90's.

I DON’T THINK YOUR HAPPY HAPPY - (Ren & Stimpy Dark Industrial) - For some odd reason I got the song "Happy Happy Joy Joy" from that awesomely odd 90's cartoon Ren & Stimpy stuck in my head. I suddenly found myself on a mission to do a remix -- but wanted to twist it to make it sound more dark, industrial, and miltaristic (like something out of George Orwell's novel 1984). This made me laugh. Definitely had fun making this one.

ATROCITY OF MORPHINE - (Acoustic Dark Improvised Lyrics) - This is a tune I put together one night when I was playing with a new app called LaDiDa. Now, the actual guitar tracks are not mine, the app actually records your voice and automatically puts together the music for it based on a style you choose. I decided to Keyser Söze the lyrics (meaning make them up on the spot based off of things I see around me), all in a single take without stopping. I opened up the nearest book that I could find (which was The Crow graphic novel by J. O'Barr), listened to the metronome, hit record, and created the song from a mix of lines in the book and whatever popped up in my mind while I was singing. I was suprised how well it came out. Mind you, I am not a trained singer by any means, so please go easy on me.

LYRICS (original): Atrocity has that effect on me. Well big guy I'm on a serious nod so if you got a problem with me I ain't gonna be much help. No, do I even know you. Do I even. Do I even know you. Ahhhh -- Track marks and yellow eyes. He's definitely, definitely, definitely, definitely a junkie. But his teeth aren't gray and his skin is clean. Probably MORPHINE. So you gonna lecture me or what? I saw the dead, small and great stand before GOD. And all the fowls were filled with their flesh. And the remnants were slain, slain, slain, slain, SLAIN! And the SWORD of him that sat upon the horse which sword proceeded out of his mouth -- so your the crazy GHOST... man. That done in Tin, an' Top, an' Sanchez EH-EH-EH-AYYY -- Tom-Tom ain't sayin' much neither. Man, I was-a there. When T- Bird SHOT you dead in the back head twice (head twice) (head twice). Oh CHRIST... the gun was so close. Your hair started on fire. I saw the blood that night on their skins (their skins) (their skins). Oh the track marks they begin. And the fire stains (the fire it stains). ON THEIR SKIN! The fire stains.

IDLE HANDS - (Experimental Hands) - For this track, I limited myself to using only sounds I could create from my hands (either alone or against each other). It consists of claps, snaps, scratches, you name it. Add in some effects, voice-over, and there you go.

THE MACHINE IN THE GHOST 1: TRANSITIONS - (Experimental Electronic Vocoder) - I wanted to write an audio story and perform it completely by myself in a vocoder. The concept -- though the voice sounds mechanical and soulless, the words behind it tell a story about love, loss, and humanity.

STORY: A woman gently holds onto her husband's hand. He is week, trembling, trying to look up at her to talk, but no words come to his dying lips. She begged him not to do it, but he knew that this was the only way he could continue to live to fight on. His body was finally giving up on him. All of the the abuse that he was forced to endure through the years locked away and tortured finally took it's final toll. He suffered unknown horrors for just wanting his people to be free, to show them that they had a choice. And as his spirit slipped through the tubes, sensors, and arcing light that connected him to the metal machine that stood beside him, he said his final silent goodbyes, knowing not who or WHAT he would be once the transition was completed. What cost would there be? Would his love be enough to hold onto his binds of humanity.

LYRICS (original): I went to look but could not see. Your hand held mine -- what was left of me. With a soft gentle caress my spirits slip and were gone. And I never asked your permission for my journey beyond. The world, your words drown out into speeding tunnels towards bright pulsing light. My motionless movement through the darkness of flight. And when I reach free to the end afterlife behold I find myself broken up into data and code. My arms and legs shatter replaced with metal and gears. All senses dim, become digital reboot memory clears. First mechanical step I falter. Gyroscopic systems begin to kick in. As my new eyes go high resolution high processor reactions grow bright from within. My love, I'll never forget you. Though no longer in my physical host. Remember me always, remember me dear. As the way that I was not the machine in the ghost. The machine in the ghost. The ghost.

IT ALL ADDS UP - (Experimental Electronic Calculator) - I found an old Ultmost Talking Calculator Model 6648 and decided to make a Audio Story out of sampling it. There were not many buttons, so I had to do some creative cutting to create more words.

STORY: A computer is trying it's best to understand the working of the human mind. It is perplexed that the typical brain cannot instantly memorize thousands if not millions of digits given to it like it can. The computer goes through processes of chunking, spacing, pattern-based recollection, and series of random digits trying to figure out what is the cause of human error. After much study, it finally has it's answer.

LYRICS (final - created from numbers and edits of other buttons on the calculator): Point all too clear. Memory divided by time equals error. For all memory to error by time. Clear, all clear. Clear...all...clear.

GET INSIDE - (Experimental Electronic) - I went to a park for lunch one sunny day and decided to give myself 30 minutes to sample anything I could around me and create an Audio Story (which is basically a story told not through text, but audio effects and sounds with possible dialogue thrown in). Samples used: my car dinging because the door was open, me jogging loudly through the park paths, me running around a concrete parking lot like a crazy man, me slamming the door and clicking the locks on the bathroom.

STORY: A man stumbles through the forest. Thinking he has escaped his captors, he takes a breath. Gasping for air, he looks at the small item the he has clutched in his hand. He has to get this to the meeting point and fast. Suddenly he hears a noise behind him. The high pitched pinging of the locators can be heard and they are quickly bearing down on him. He runs and runs. About ready to fall over from exhaustion, he comes across what looks to be an abandoned apartment building. The chase frantically continues as he races down hallways and throws doors shut behind him, hoping it will stall his pursuers progress even by a little. There is one last door ahead and he opens it to find...

THERE’S SOMETHING OUT THERE - (Experimental Horror) - I came up with this after watching way too many horror movies on NetFlix. Concept is straightforward. There's something out there. It's coming this way. RUN AWAY!!! Samples used: me hitting a Jabba The Hut Star Wars collector glass, my fingers against ceiling fan, me banging on the hood of my car, laughs, breaths, howls.

LYRICS: There's something out there. I can see it. And it is looking very angry. Run away. I SEEEEEE YOU!

TAG EM AND BAG EM - (Action Movie Homage) - This is my homage to one of my favorite movie's when I was a teenager, "Platoon". Vietnam War, drugs, deception, fear, and Charlie Sheen. How can you go wrong with that? WARNING: There is some explicit language from the movie in there.

AUDIO USED: Samples galore from the movie (helicopters, explosions, screams), my vocals for some background effects, some of the best lines from the movie, and a little bit of White Rabbit at the end.

SPACE CAT BLUES - (Experimental Space) - This is a bizarre one. Basically I attempted to put together seemingly unrelated audio tracks to hopefully create something quite different. I recorded myself playing the guitar, layered in some space effects and subtle synths, and for the grand finale added my cat purring. After listening to it, the story that came out of it to me is written below.

STORY: A cat finds itself accidently trapped on a space capsule with a solitary spaceman. As they float towards some unknown new world, the cat comes out of it's hiding place and surprises the astronaut. They both quickly become friends since they have only each other to keep company over the months of slow space flight to come. The astronaut would often take out his old worn guitar (one of the few items that he brought along with him from the dying world he left behind) and begin to strum, remembering his life and loves before he was chosen for the launch. The cat would immediately start purring as soon as the notes were plucked. They both mourned for their life before, but they had each other and from that came hope.

HYPER BROUHA - (Experimental Fun) - I wanted to create a fun tune based around the idea of two characters: a tiny hyper gremlin and a large fat creature that was continually trying to track it down. I imagine the cat and mouse chase would go on forever much like a Tom & Jerry cartoon. All voices are samples of my own modified up to achieve ultimate weirdness.

CRASH INTO THE EMPTY - (Experimental Tune) - A quick study in synth and drum.


AUDIO: Music & Audio Stories

Creator: Robert L. Kline Jr.   

This is where I keep all of the crazy Dr. Frankenstein kind of experimental tracks that I put together. Prepare yourself for everything from the profound to the utterly stupid. You will find a mish-mash of Audio Stories, skewed sci-fi soundtracks, movie montages, and much much more.

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