Akron Mini Maker Faire 2013

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Event Information

Our Active Fiction Adventure 1: Underground was featured at the Akron Mini Maker Faire 2013 that was held at the Akron-Summit County Public Library (Main Branch). We also threw in some teasers from the Active Fiction Adventure 2: Cyber Angel game and ran a contest to "Crack The Code" as well.

We had a blast talking with everyone and watching as many people crunched through and won the game in record time.


One young man in his early teens kept sneaking back to the exhibit to play it, even though his mother wanted to look around at everything else. He would play for a while, got pulled away, came back again, and got pulled away once more. Finally, towards the end of the event, he convinced his mother to sit back and relax while he continued to run around the exhibit and finally won it. He came up to us and told us how much he liked it and gave us a big thumbs up.

Many players came up to us during the event and we reminisced about the good old days, when we actually USED the old computers in the exhibit. It was thrilling remembering all the fun we used to have playing and programming on them.

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